Nebraska Storm Homeowner Resources

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Hail map showing areas of Omaha that were impacted by recent hail storm

From Lincoln, Nebraska to Des Moines, Iowa, the Omaha area sees a lot of storm damage. It is important for us at AGR that homeowners remain safe if they suspect any damage to their roofs, windows, or gutters during a storm. 


Keeping our customers safe is our top priority, especially after a storm. If you suspect roof damage, do not go onto your roof to inspect it. Never go onto your roof if it is wet, the shingles can get pretty slippery. If you suspect roof damage your roof might not be able to support you in damaged areas. 

It is important to remember that reputable roofing companies always do inspections for free, so there is no need to climb onto your roof after a storm. Roof inspections provide a report and estimate for your homeowner’s insurance company.

Often when a bad storm comes through an area, storm chasers will knock on doors and offer services to homeowners. These storm chasers can be difficult to track down if the work they do is subpar. To protect yourself from storm chasers it is important to know that reputable roofing companies do not ask for payment before the job is completed. Most roofing jobs are paid for through an insurance claim, insurance companies do not approve jobs that are not needed. Do not pay a roofer before submitting a claim.

What Does Hail Damage Look Like?

In some cases hail damage might not look like a big deal, you might be able to see smaller dents in your shingles or flashing. Over time those dents in the shingles can erode the water tightness of your roof. If you noticed granular bits of shingle in your gutters after this storm it it vital that you get your roof inspected. In the images below, the hail damage can be difficult to spot, in some cases, like on the flashing, it doesn’t stand out to the untrained eye without chalk.

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