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While some problems with your roof may be apparent, such as missing shingles, cracked or clogged gutters, an apparent leak, and signs of water damage, such as stains on your home's interior ceiling, other issues are not as immediately visible. A certified roofing inspector can identify problems such as rotting plywood, mold, and cracks in the pipe collar. As a homeowner, getting roof inspections every ten years, as well as after any significant weather event, is an essential step in maintaining the structural integrity of your home. Hail storms commonly cause serious roof damage, especially in Omaha, Lincoln, and Des Moines. Schedule a free roof inspection with AGR after any severe storm in your area. We are here to ensure the safety of the roof that shelters your family because we care about you and value our community. 

After consulting with one of our certified roofing professionals, we can assess whether you need simple or significant repairs or if it makes sense to proceed with a brand-new roof. Many factors contribute to determining the price of roof repair and roof replacement. The size of your property, the cost of the materials you decide to use, and any foundational repairs (such as new plywood and replacing flashing) all comprise the total cost of your roof repairs or replacement. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the most cost-effective roofing solution with the highest quality of construction workmanship.

Homeowners' insurance can cover the cost of damages incurred in some instances, such as after a hail storm or other weather-related events. But you can’t always count on insurance deductibles to cover the total cost of roof repair and replacement. Insurance reimbursement is based on the depreciated value of the roof at the time of the damage. The roof's age and material will be considered for this type of insurance claim. The result is that you could receive significantly less money than you would need to replace your roof, and the price difference will be your responsibility.

A well-constructed roof built using quality materials and expert underlayment installation is an investment in the future of your home. It should last 12-20 years or even longer when properly maintained. While it is expensive, it is a worthy investment into the value of your home and your family's safety.

The quality, longevity, and affordability of shingles have increased incrementally over the last 20 years. The most commonly used roofing materials are “asphalt shingles,” as they are the most durable and cost-effective shingles on the market. The most common type of asphalt shingle are called “three-tab shingles.” The next higher quality shingle is the “architectural shingle”, which are super durable and aesthetically pleasing, giving the look of classic cedar shake shingles. Architectural shingles are naturally more expensive as they outperform asphalt shingles as a longer-term, higher-quality option for a new roof.

As one of the top-rated roofing companies in Omaha, Lincoln, and Des Moines, AGR Roofing and Construction believes in providing all the information you need to make an informed decision regarding the repair or replacement of your roof. We want all of our customers to feel comfortable and knowledgeable about the entire construction process. 


The key things to confirm when looking for the right roofing contractor are:


  1. The credentials of a roofing company, such as proper certifications from material manufacturers, licenses from the state, and insurance for the safety of their employees.
  2. Is the roofing company a BBB Accredited Business? 
  3. Do you have verified recommendations and personalized reviews from satisfied clients?
  4. What warranties does the company offer?

A skilled roofing and construction company, such as AGR Roofing and Construction, can complete any roofing project in one to two days, complete with a safety and quality audit from a senior project manager and diligent cleanup.

We all dread dealing with a leaking roof, or even a roof renovation after extensive water damage. This is an expensive challenge that homeowners and landlords are often not prepared for, and it can get even more challenging if you do not have a flexible budget to deal with it. Commercial and residential roofers tend to charge exuberantly high rates, and this often compels some homeowners to hire a roofer without insurance. An uninsured roofer may charge you thousands of dollars less, but in case of accident that causes property damage, or worse, physical damage to one of the workers, it can lead to a great many financial and emotional losses.
Don’t let choosing a roofing contractor in Omaha be an ordeal for you. As it is you are worried about a leaking or sagging roof and you have also somehow arranged the money to get your roof fixed. Now you are finding yourself in a dilemma as to which roofing company in Omaha to award the contract for fixing your roof. Do not worry as you will find it easy to choose the best roofer in Omaha after reading this article. Ask shortlisted roofing companies these questions and you will know which of them is best suited for the job.
Roofing is an expensive exercise costing thousands of dollars. It is therefore natural for any homeowner to look for a roofing expert who will do the job in the most satisfactory manner in his home. If you are searching for reputable roofing companies near me, it is better to find out the top 10 reputable roofing companies in Omaha. You can rest assured of your roofing work done in high quality in the most reliable manner. You can see that people are talking in a favourable manner about these roofing experts and they are generally satisfied with the work done by these roofing companies. When you choose one of these top 10 reputable roofing companies for your roofing job at home, you can have total peace of mind as they maintain high quality and give you a long-lasting solution for your roofing problem.
There are many home improvements projects that can be taken up on a DIY basis by the homeowner. DIY projects prove to be much cheaper than hiring the services of a professional. However, the same cannot be said about roof repair or replacement. If you are living in Omaha, Nebraska, you know how much your roof suffers from exposure to the elements. It bears the brunt of thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, and snowfall depending upon the season of the year. Why use a roofing contractor in Omaha is a question often asked by many homeowners? They believe they can repair the roof on their own. This is a big mistake as roofing is the job of a specialist. It requires skills, knowledge and experience to carry out roof repairs and replacement, especially in a city like Omaha. Being a homeowner, the safety of your home and your loved ones should be your highest priority. Yes, you can save a little amount of money by undertaking roof repair as a DIY project. But you can pay a big penalty later because of your lack of skills. Your repair may be faulty and not pass the test of time. All this pretty much answers the question “why use a roofing contractor in Omaha.” There are many reasons why you should hire a licensed roofing contractor for the roofing job in your home. Roofing can be difficult and very tedious. However, it becomes smooth and hassle free for a licensed roofing contractor because of his knowledge and experience in roofing. Roofing can be a time consuming and tiring job for a DIY enthusiast. You can save your precious time and effort by hiring a licensed roofing contractor. Finally, roofing can be a risky proposition for someone who is a rookie. You are safe by handing your roofing job to a licensed contractor.

There are dozens of roofing companies operating in Omaha, NE. Out of these companies, the names of AGR Roofing and Pyramid Roofing stand apart as high quality and most reliable roofing companies. If you are a homeowner requiring roof repair or replacement, it becomes difficult for you to choose one of the companies for the job at home as both the companies provide top quality work in reasonable prices. To help you in taking an informed decision we compare Pyramid Roofing with AGR Roofing so that you can take an informed decision about the roofer that is best for your job.

Roof repair or replacement is not something that homeowners need to undertake on a frequent basis. However, when your roof starts to show signs of deterioration, you know you need to undertake roof repair quickly without any delay. If you are living in Omaha, your roof bears the brunt of rough weather conditions like thunderstorms, rains, and snowfall during winter season. You need to look for a reputable and reliable roofing contractor when it is time to repair or replace the roof in your home. Roofing can be a very costly and complicated job requiring high levels of knowledge and experience. You cannot give the responsibility of roof repair in your home to an inexperienced roofer as it involves the safety of the structure and your loved ones. If you have no idea, here is hiring a roofing contractor checklist to make it easier for you to find a good quality roofing specialist for the job at hand. It can be overwhelming for any ordinary homeowner to finalize a roofing contractor for the roofing work in his home. A lot of money as well as the safety and security of your home is on stake and as such you cannot hire just any roofer to do the work. You need a proper hiring a roofing contractor checklist to shortlist a few good quality roofing experts.
Do you know when you should pay a roofer? This is a question that hardly goes through the mind of a homeowner as he doesn’t know the difference between paying up front and paying after the completion of the roofing job in his premises. Roofing is a complex job that involves the safety of your house and family members. It is like building a house where you release money in tranches after the completion of work up to a certain level. This article tells you about payment trends in the roofing industry so that you know when you should pay a roofer. Better Business Bureau says that once you have finalized the company for the roofing work in your home, it is necessary to discuss with him the payment details. This is to avoid any disputes later after the completion of the work. There is no need to pay the full payment up front. Pay a small amount of money as advance deposit and then release money in tranches according to the stage of the job. You can also decide to pay the remaining amount in one go after the completion of the job. However, never make the mistake of paying the full amount before the start of the work under any circumstances.
Whether you seek top rated roofers in Omaha for a roof replacement project or a new roof construction, it is important to look for fully certified and experienced professionals. Needless to say, the roof serves as one of the foundational structure of your house or property, and if the roofing contractor fails to do an excellent job, it can lead to unprecedented structural damages, and thousands of dollars’ worth of unnecessary expenses. If you’re searching for the top rate roofers in Omaha, you may have come across a wide range of candidates and potential firms. However, none of them can compete against the striking professional experience and credible competence of AGR roofing and construction, Omaha’s most trusted firm. In this article, we will walk you through the qualities and credentials you need to look for in the top rated roofing companies in Omaha so you can make a well-informed and pragmatic decision. Ever since its inception in 2004, AGR Roofing and Construction has established a dynamic image of credibility and professionalism, fuelled with a strong community presence and an extensive experience. During the 15 years of their rich history, AGR Roofing and Construction has succeeded in setting itself apart in the industry with an experience that is rich and diverse, allowing the firm to expand into regions surrounding Omaha, including Lincoln. Pyramid Roofing is another highly competent and credible firm, known for their residential and commercial roofing services in greater Omaha, and its surrounding areas. They specialize in roof replacements, renovations, cedar shakes, and all kinds of residential and commercial projects. Pyramid Roofing has an excellent track record of handling diverse nature of projects, and their clients speak highly of their services. Grandel’s Construction & Roofing, Inc., another top rated roofer, is a family-owned business known for its customer-friendly services and ethical values. They are creative geniuses when it comes to unconventional roofing designs and quality product selection. Their prices are highly competitive, and you can call now to book a free estimate.
As a homeowner, you always want your home safe and secure. The roof of your home plays an important role in protecting your loved ones from the fury of elements. One natural event that has the capacity to damage the roof of your home is hail. You cannot do anything to stop hailstorms, but you can certainly take corrective action to repair the roof damaged by hail. The damage to your roof can be severe if the hail is the size of golf balls. Hail damage roof repair is not only desirable but also essential for the safety of your loved ones. What is hail damage roof repair? Among the elements that can cause damage to your roof, it is the hail that is credited with maximum damage. As a homeowner, it is important to visit your roof to see how much damage a hailstorm has caused. Large hail balls drop with great force on your roof, damaging the gutters. If you spot dents or cracks in the gutters, it is prudent to call in experts to carry out hail damage roof repair. Another common type of roof damage caused by hail is seen in the shingles. The force of haul balls striking the shingles can make the granules of the shingles to become loose or fall off. In some instances, the hailstorm is so strong that it can break the shingles on the roof. If your roof has become old, it becomes susceptible to severe damage from hail. At times, signs of damage may not be visible to you. Closely inspect the gutters and you will find the signs of damage to the shingles. How to Handle Roof Damage from Hailstorms? Once a hailstorm strikes your area, it is important to check the damage caused by hail to your roof. The extent of damage decides the kind of hail damage roof repair you require. If you think it is not possible for you to inspect the roof and spot the signs of damage, it is prudent to call in roof repair experts to climb up on your roof and carry out an inspection. In any case, it can be a risky proposition to climb on your roof when it is still wet and slippery if you have no idea what you are looking for. Once the expert has carried out his inspection and given you quote for the hail damage roof repair, you can get quotes from several other roof repair companies in your area. Do not linger on as hail damage can be severe to give you a saggy, deteriorated roof that can also start to leak later. Get your roof repaired in time to brace up for the next hailstorm as and when it strikes your area. Hail damage roof inspection Stopping a hailstorm is not in your hands. But you can certainly make sure that roof damage caused by hail is kept to a minimum by visiting your roof and taking a close look at its condition. Before climbing up on your roof, make sure you are wearing soft sole shoes so that you do not slip on the wet roof and slippery hail. Once you are on the roof, look for signs of hail damage. Torn or missing shingles is one sure sign of hail damage. Take binoculars with you if you want to check signs of damage closely. If you wish to make an insurance claim, do not forget to take pictures of the hail stones. Place them alongside a known object like a golf ball to prove that the damage was indeed caused by hail. Never believe that your roof is all right after a hailstorm just because there is no leakage from the roof. Call in an expert to attend to hail damage roof repair
You will find homes with different types of roofs in your neighborhood. The shape of roof you decide for your home dictates the architecture of the home. Roof type also dictates the amount of money and labor that is required for its construction. Shed, flat, and gable roofs prove easy to build and they are also affordable. Before moving ahead, it makes sense to learn a little about residential roof construction.

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