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In addition to providing the best roofing and exterior home services, AGR is dedicated to helping our customers learn how to take care of their homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Owning a home brings a host of maintenance requirements that can be overwhelming. How do I tell if my roof is damaged? Does my insurance cover a broken window? Explore our FAQs for the answers to these questions and more!


Maintaining a home’s roof and exterior doesn’t always require a call to your local roofer. At AGR, we are dedicated to sharing the latest information and best practices regarding home exterior care. Be sure to explore our latest articles to learn how to best care for your home.

Free Homeowner's Guide to Owning a Roof

If you own your own home, you own your own roof! Sign up to download a free guide to owning a roof from AGR Roofing & Construction! This guide will answer the follow questions and more!

  • How to check a roof for leaks
  • How to identify hail damage
  • How to take care of your roof
  • And More!

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We’re happy to provide free roofing & solar quotes for homeowners in the Omaha area looking to make repairs on their existing roof, install a new roof, or add solar panels to their roofing setup.

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