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Windows and Your Insurance Claim

No matter how well you maintain your home, accidents and unforeseen events are inevitable. Especially here in Omaha, where storms of all kinds are common, many factors can lead to home damage. Specifically, your home’s windows are susceptible to damage. A broken window is a major issue, given that it poses a security risk and could let rain or even outdoor critters into your home. 

If your windows become damaged, it’s crucial to schedule Omaha window repairs as soon as possible. To do so, it may be necessary to file a claim with your homeowners insurance company. Filing an insurance claim can be a tedious process, but a trusted window contractor can ensure that it goes smoothly. Here, we’ll provide more information about filing an insurance claim for window damage and how you can ensure that the process goes off without a hitch. 

Types of Window Damage

Damage From Factors Outside of Your Control

One of the main types of window damage is caused by factors entirely out of your control. For example, window damage may occur suddenly as a result of hail, high winds, fire, vandalism, or even theft. These causes of window damage are typically called perils in homeowners insurance policies. You can consult your homeowners insurance plan to see which perils are included in your dwelling coverage. 

Accidental Damage

Accidents happen. It’s possible to accidentally break your own window, whether you crack a pane while you’re completing some maintenance or your children throw a ball into the window. In these cases, the cost to repair the damage probably won’t be covered under your homeowners insurance policy. 

Wear and Tear

Like any other part of your home, your windows are susceptible to wear and tear. Damage that gradually occurs over time, such as a draft, deteriorating hardware, or mold development in the frame, usually won’t be covered by homeowners insurance. 

How To File A Claim For Window Damage

When you first notice window damage, make sure to first prevent further damage, if possible. Then, document the damage by taking photos and creating a written record. This documentation is crucial to ensure that your insurance claim is strong. 

Next, you’ll need to contact your homeowners insurance company, whether online or over the phone. You’ll need to provide the policy number and a description of the window damage. After obtaining this information, your insurance agent can talk to you about the details of your coverage and whether your window damage qualifies under the covered perils. 

Contact Your Omaha Window Contractor

Once you contact your insurance company to file a claim, you’ll need to set a time for an insurance to visit your home and look over the damage. Before you do this, however, contact your Omaha window repair experts for an estimate. You can receive an estimate at no cost to you and provide it to the insurance adjuster. Your adjuster will need to approve the estimate, so don’t get started on repairs until you’ve met with the adjuster. Additionally, you can have your contractor attend the meeting with the insurance adjuster to streamline the claim approval process. 

During your appointment with the insurance adjuster, they’ll review the damage and calculate the cost to repair it. The adjuster will also ask you more about the damage and how it happened. You can, at this point, provide the photos and additional documentation that you took when the window damage first occurred. This information will be sent to the homeowners insurance company.  

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Schedule The Window Repairs

With the insurance claim approved, you can move forward with the repair process for your Omaha windows. Your insurance company will likely provide half of the cost of repairs to start, then the second half after the repairs have been completed. Keep in mind that your deductible will be subtracted from the compensation that you receive for the window repairs. 

For trusted Omaha window repairs, contact AGR Roofing and Construction. Our skilled team will help you through the process of filing a claim and ensure that the claim gets approved promptly. Then, our team will complete the repairs in a professional and timely manner.

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Key Takeaways

Steps to take in your insurance claim for window damage

  • Window damage in Omaha can result from various factors, including natural disasters, accidents, and wear and tear.
  • When you notice window damage, document it with photos and a written record.
  • Contact your homeowners insurance company, provide the policy number, and describe the damage to see if it’s covered.
  • Before meeting with an insurance adjuster, obtain a repair estimate from an Omaha window contractor.
  • During the adjuster’s appointment, present documentation and photos of the damage.
  • After the insurance claim is approved, schedule the window repairs, with the insurance company covering part of the cost minus the deductible.
  • A trusted Omaha window contractor like AGR Roofing and Construction can guide you through the insurance claim process and provide professional repairs.

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