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Identifying Window Damage

You can’t have a home without windows. Windows bring natural light into the house, help regulate the temperature of your living spaces, and make it possible to air out your home when it’s feeling stuffy. Here in Omaha, windows are crucial for homeowners and need to be regularly maintained. Without proper maintenance, you could end up facing the need for emergency window replacement

For the best results, your windows should be inspected periodically to ensure that any issues are identified and addressed before damage occurs. However, it also helps to know the main signs of window damage so that you can spot problems when the inspector isn’t around. 

This article will explore how to identify window damage so that Omaha homeowners can better maintain their homes. 

Types of Window Damage

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Wind Damage

High winds can lead to various types of damage to your Omaha home, including the windows. Debris can be kicked up by powerful winds, including pebbles or gravel included in your home’s landscaping. These types of debris may crack or even shatter a window when the wind is at high speeds. 

Hail Damage

Hail is another hazard that can cause window damage. In a severe hailstorm, hailstones are more than capable of cracking or breaking your home’s windows and even tearing your window screens. 

Water Damage

Unlike hail and wind damage, water damage gradually affects windows and may become evident after excess moisture has permeated your windows for an extended period. Moisture in your windows can lead to mold development and the rotting of the window materials. You may notice that the window frame is sagging or soft to the touch. Visible moisture/condensation in between the glass panes of your window is a telltale sign that water damage could be on the way. 

Air Leakage

While it may not be visible, air leakage is a type of damage that can affect your home. If your home feels drafty or your heating and cooling systems don’t seem to be working properly, the windows in your Omaha home could be leaking. This will lead to higher energy bills because your HVAC system won’t be able to operate as efficiently. 

Identifying Window Damage

Cosmetic Damage

The simplest form of window damage to identify is cosmetic. Over the lifespan of your home’s windows, they may start to appear worn out. Peeling or chipping paint, a sagging window frame, and mold are all clear, visible signs of window damage. If you notice cosmetic window damage, contact your Omaha window repair experts for help. 

Glass Condition

The condition of the glass panes of your windows is very important. Checking your window glass for cracks and breaks is important, especially after a storm. Storm damage, water damage, and termite damage can all lead to damaged window glass. 

A significant issue with your window glass will likely merit a window replacement. You need stable window glass to ensure that your home is protected against the elements, as well as insects that can enter your home through damaged window glass. 

Structural Damage

Damage to the structure of your windows – mainly the window frame – most often occurs towards the end of the life of a window. Sometimes, structural window damage occurs because the house settled over time, causing the structure of the window to shift. The window will need to be stabilized in this case, and a window replacement may be the best option.  

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Window Replacement: It May Be Time. 

Sometimes, window repairs will be sufficient to return your windows to good working condition. However, this isn’t always the case. If the damage is pervasive or your windows are already nearing the end of their expected lifespan, window replacement may be the right choice. But, the investment will be worth it. Not only will new windows beautiful your home, but they’ll also improve the comfort of your living spaces through greater temperature regulation. Any drafts that were coming from your old windows will disappear. Plus, your utility bills will be lower because the new windows will prevent the hot or cold air from your HVAC system from leaking outside. Contact AGR Roofing and Construction for help with window repairs and replacement in Omaha.

In This Article...

Key Takeaways

Types of Window Damage

Types of window damage

  • Structural damage – Structural damage to your windows usually happens to the window frame near the end of the life of the window.
  • Cosmetic damage – Cosmetic damage to your windows is noticeable by signs of chipping paint, mold, or a sagging window frame.

Other types of window damage

  • Wind Damage – High winds can cause damage by throwing pebbles or gravel at your windows.
  • Hail Damage – Hail can damage by cracking or even shattering your windows.
  • Water Damage – Water damage becomes evident over time by causing mold or rotting of your window materials due to the excess moisture.
  • Air Leakage – Air leakage can be identified by a decrease in the efficiency of your heat or cooling systems due to the outside air entering you home.

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