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Standing Seam Metal Roofs

These days, homeowners have a variety of options when deciding whether to invest in a new roof. It’s no longer required to select conventional shingles. Consider installing a standing seam metal roof as an alternative. This is quickly emerging as one of the most dependable and advantageous roofing options for Omaha, NE, households.

What is a standing seam metal roof?

The fasteners on standing seam metal roofs are concealed. These are connected by means of covert fasteners. They feature flat area between their trapezoidal or vertical legs. These are quite resilient and protective, like many metal roofs, but they are also lovely and give the building a lot of aesthetic advantages.

The fastener system is made to make sure that the fasteners are never exposed to the outside elements. In addition to generally enhancing the roof’s appearance, this also lessens damage and early wear and tear on the roof. In contrast, weather-exposed fasteners lose their strength with time.

Instead, standing seam metal roofs provide many advantages to property owners, such as:

Some of the greatest degrees of weatherproofing currently available in the market. Extremely weather-tight design that keeps the elements out.

Design that is extremely robust and can withstand years of use without losing any of its overall toughness.

No holes are drilled into the roofing material due to the fasteners utilized, which normally adhere to the roof deck using clamps, reducing moisture exposure.

Standing Seam Roof Types

Standing seam metal roofs come in many different varieties. This includes some panels that have a snap-lock system and are clipped to the roof deck. This specific type promotes greater thermal movement within the roofing panels, which aids in the passage of air to maintain the structure’s cooling. Another kind is a mechanically seamed panel, which uses clips that are crimped together to hold it in place.

There are four available styles:

  • Snap-lock interlock models in one piece
  • Snap-lock interlock models with two pieces
  • model double-lock seams
  • models for symmetrical seams

The type chosen is often determined by your objectives, your budget, and the state of your roof. These seams’ points of intersection are where the disparities exist.

What Sets a Standing Seam Metal Roof Apart from a Regular Metal Roof?

There are a few distinctions between standing seam roofs and metal roofs (such as corrugated metal roofs). One of the most popular solutions in the sector is corrugated metal. It may be regarded as the default choice for the majority of apps. However, this is no longer the case due to the availability of innovative goods, such as the standing seam roof.

Additional elements on the standing seam metal roof contribute to the roof’s overall longevity and weatherproofing. Furthermore, those design elements contribute to the longer lifespan of standing seam roofs.

Despite their increased rarity, corrugated metal roofs are still widely available and affordable. For residential use, they might not be as appealing as standing seam roofs, but many people utilize them for other purposes. They often perform an excellent job of reflecting the sun’s and heat’s rays while being incredibly strong and lasting a lot longer than conventional asphalt roofing.

The fasteners’ layout is one of the main differences between the two. Fasteners on corrugated metal roofing are visible. To make these fasteners more durable overall, certain treatments can be applied to them. The lack of visible fasteners, however, makes these less effective than standing seam roofs. 

Why Would You Choose a Standing Seam Metal Roof Over a Traditional Shingle Roof?

Property owners in Nebraska can profit greatly from standing seam roofing. The days of corrugated metal roofs, which are now more frequently seen on sheds and barns, are long gone. Think about some of the advantages of a standing seam metal roof and why they can be suitable for your requirements.

Standing seam metal roofs have a long lifespan:

In the roofing industry, standing seam metal roofs have some of the longest lifespans. Some items could last for up to 75 years. This means that, in most circumstances, you will only need to replace the roof once in your lifetime. Contrarily, many asphalt shingle roofs have a 20–30 year lifespan.

Standing seam metal roofs use a higher grade of metal:

Compared to other metal roofs, standing seam roofs feature a higher gauge of metal. The roof’s overall toughness is greatly increased by the additional thickness. It is significantly more durable than other roofing constructions due to the thicker gauge of metal. When compared to corrugated roofs, standing seam roofs are less likely to sustain hail or other roof damage. This enables them to survive longer while maintaining their aesthetic quality.

There is a lower risk of leaks:

These roofs have the major advantage of having no exposed fasteners. There is virtually little possibility of the roof leaking if there are no visible fasteners. Fastener holes in other kinds of metal roofing generate places where leaks could happen.

Less maintenance than traditional shingle roofs:

Over the course of their lifespan, standing seam roofs require relatively little maintenance. Unless they sustain severe harm, like a huge tree branch falling on them, they normally do not need any kind of repairs.

Standing seam metal roofs have the potential to be aesthetically pleasing, in contrast to corrugated metal roofs, which do not have a reputation for being attractive. They frequently come in a wide range of colors and designs and are generally very customizable. They can make a great choice for many people’s profile alternatives as well.

Standing seam metal roofs work well:

These roofs are quite effective in deflecting UV rays. They can therefore aid in keeping the house cooler in the summer. That might lower your energy costs.

In This Article...

Key Takeaways

What you need to know about Standing Seam Metal Roofs

What is a Standing Seam Metal Roof?

  • Concealed fasteners for durability and aesthetics.
  • Resilient and protective with flat areas between trapezoidal or vertical legs.
  • Weatherproof, reducing damage and wear over time.

Advantages of Standing Seam Metal Roofs:

  • Exceptional weatherproofing and protection.
  • Robust and long-lasting design.
  • No holes in the roofing material due to concealed fasteners.
  • Different types of standing seam roofs to choose from.

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