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Common Repairs for Omaha Commercial Roofs

It is not uncommon for commercial roofs to need repairs from time to time. Good maintenance and upkeep can minimize how many issues occur as well as the overall severity of them. However, most of today’s common roofing problems can be repaired with the help of a reputable roofing contractor. Below are some of the most common commercial roof repair needs. Keep in mind that these are best handled by a professional that can ensure they are managed properly to minimize ongoing risks.

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#1: Roof Leaks

There is no more common problem with commercial roofs than this, and in some cases, roof leaks can become much larger problems when not dealt with in the proper manner. A roof leak is often hard to see in a commercial space unless there is discoloration to the ceiling tiles or obvious water damage on the surface of the roof. At this point, they are often severe.

Roof leaks can occur due to normal wear and tear but are more common when there is damage to the surface of the roof from walking on it, tree branches, or poor upkeep.

#2: Poor Installation and Workmanship

A licensed commercial roofing installer should do the installation of a commercial roof. They are significantly different than those for residential use. It is important to ensure that, when installed, they are being placed properly, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This also helps to protect any warranty placed on the roofing materials.

Also, when repairs or maintenance is done, ensure that it is being done according to manufacturer recommendations. Otherwise, it can lead to ample concerns over time. Poor workmanship with repairs can expose the structure to moisture, too.

#3: Poor Maintenance

Commercial roof systems require significant maintenance throughout the year. That includes keeping the surface clean and free of debris as well as inspecting hatches, skylights, and other structural components on the roof to ensure they are properly sealed. It may also be important to keep the surface of the roof clean.

Maintenance requirements are set by manufacturers. Be sure to learn what those tasks are and how frequently they need to occur. They often include having a full inspection of the roofing system at least one time a year, with twice a year being ideal. Use these inspections to help you pinpoint any needs for repair that need to take place right away.

#4: Wrong Material Use

As many commercial roofs are more complex than the average residential roof, it is not uncommon for property owners to select inferior types of roofing materials to use. It is better to have the right material selected, even if it costs more initially, so as to minimize the risk of any damage to the structure over time. Keep in mind that the roof material should be selected based on the type of roof as well as climate.

If you are planning to replace the roof, be sure you understand all roof types and options available. You also want to be sure that the roofing material selected is fully understood by you, which means knowing what maintenance and upkeep is necessary and how to spot problems with it over time.

#5: Blow Off Damage

Another type of commercial roofing repair need happens when wind creates enough movement across the surface of the roof to get under components and cause a blow off. This often happens when high windows uplift materials. This is not uncommon in storms. Any time there are weak materials on the surface of the roof, this type of wind can create enough suction to pull it off, leading to exposure of the surface underneath.

There is no way to stop a storm, but you can minimize this risk with proper workmanship at installation. It also helps to maintain the structure properly with routine maintenance tasks. This can help reduce the amount of potential material that could blow off at any point. Any time there are weak components on the structure of your roof, they are prone to cause damage that worsens over time.

#6: Punctures on the Surface

The best way to minimize leaks is to ensure the surface of the commercial roof is as watertight as possible. That means no holes. However, this is not an uncommon problem. When a roof sees a lot of people walking on it, the risks for damage are much higher. You may also notice damage to the surface from hail or trees striking the surface. Minimizing the amount of walking on the roof can be one of the best ways to prevent this from occurring. If there is a need to climb on the roof, be sure it is done by a professional.

#7: Water Pooling

Flat roofs create the risk of water pooling, but this cannot be ignored. When possible, roofs should never have any evidence of standing water on the surface. Proper installation should create a very small slope to the roof, which can minimize this from occurring. However, if surfaces on the roof become uneven over time, that can lead to an increased risk of pooling water. If you notice this, it is good to speak to your roof inspection team to learn more about the solutions. If it goes on for any length of time, it can lead to significant damage to the structure.

#8: Damaged Flashing

The flashing on the roof’s surface needs to adhere properly to the commercial roof structure. When gaps or holes form in it, this can lead to leaks. Flashing can be damaged in many situations, including just from wear and tear. Often occurring at seams and around the structures of the roof, flashing can be one of the most common reasons for roof leaks.

In any of these situations, good maintenance allows for catching the problem early on so that treatment can be more effective and less costly. When repairs do occur – and they will happen at some point – it is important to have a licensed technician available to inspect and create a repair plan that protects the lifespan of the roof.

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The Most Common Repairs for Commercial Roofs

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  • Poor Maintenance
  • Wrong Materials Used
  • Damaged Flashing

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