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Auburn Roofing Company

AGR Roofing & Construction is here to serve as your local Auburn roofing company, and has a reliable team on-call for both emergency and routine roof maintenance.

Auburn Roofing Company

If you’re looking for a new roofing company in Auburn, book a free inspection with AGR Roofing & Construction and see why we’re taking the Nebraska roofing scene by storm. We’re proud to be one of the top local roofing companies for homeowners in Auburn and beyond.

When maintaining, repairing, or changing your roof, you’ll want to go with an organization that understands the importance of the job. AGR Roofing & Construction has been in the business since 2004, fueled by the passion for quality work and reliability that our customers can count on.

Auburn Roofing Services

Residential Roofing

Are your energy bills creeping unusually high? Has it been years since you last inspected or administered roof maintenance? Is your roof damaged from a recent storm? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then it’s time to contact your reliable Auburn roofing company, AGR Roofing & Construction. We have a team that will come to inspect the damage and take care of whatever repairs your roof needs, from new shingles to larger repairs and even replacement.

Commercial Roofing

AGR is here to take care of all your commercial roofing needs in Auburn, NE. We’re the best because we understand how roofing can affect your expenses. Depending on the state of your roof, there’s a lot of money to be saved or lost when it comes to maintenance fees and energy bills. At AGR, you can get a number of options depending on pricing and your personal considerations. We’re experts when it comes to installing and repairing metal roofs, shingle roofs, and more.

Auburn Insurance Claim Help

Filing an insurance claim and not getting fleeced by the insurance company can be a tricky situation. AGR’s experts will help you get it right from start to finish so you can file a claim for hail damage or other problems with your roof. Just call us for a free inspection before filing the claim, and our certified experts will be with you from the initial appraisals through the finish line!

An Omaha home with blue and grey siding.

Auburn Window Services

Window Repair

Broken windows are a bother to deal with. They bring the draft in, are expensive to repair, and put everyone in harm’s way security-wise. AGR Roofing can help with window repair on your Auburn home or business, no problem! After talking to one of our people, you’ll know what you’ll have to pay without any hidden fees, how long it will take to sort out, and all repair options available.

Window Replacement

Depending on the damage to your window, it may make more sense to simply replace it. Our experts at AGR can help guide you throughout your window replacement experience. We will tell you clearly and honestly of all the price considerations, how long it will take, and your replacement options. If you live in Auburn, Nebraska, reach out to us today to get help with your window replacement!

Auburn Gutter and Siding Services

Gutter Replacement

Gutters are a constant headache that need regular maintenance, repairs, and sometimes even replacement. AGR can help with all of it! We can take care of standard gutter cleaning, damaged gutter repair, or replace your old gutters with a more efficient system. Are you considering installing a gutter improvement system like Gutter RX? We can do that too! 

Siding Repair

If your Auburn home has damage to its siding, AGR can provide dependable and cost-friendly siding restoration. We’ll leave your building looking stunning again thanks to our detail-orientated and meticulous approach.

Traditional gutters with autumn leaves in them on an asphalt shingle roof.

Our Nebraska Service Areas

Reliable Auburn Roofing Services You Can Trust

Save yourself the headache of dealing with unverified or uncertified roofing contractors and come straight to AGR for all of your roof repair needs. We’re a local Nebraska roofing company run by professional, certified roofing contractors. Our commitment and satisfaction are rooted in exceeding your expectations by meeting your roofing needs. After helping you to repair or replace your roof, our goal is to be the last roofing company you’ll ever need!

Quality Materials

We are an Owens Corning Certified Roofer & use only the best materials available.

Safety First

Every job is supervised by a Project Manager who ensures OSHA safety practices are followed.

Customer Service

Your calls will always be returned promptly and your property will be left spotless.

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