Hail Claim Deadline

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Insurance companies won’t approve a claim for hail damage after the two year mark of the storm. The deadline for submitting a hail damage claim for the April 12, 2020 storm is coming up in April 12, 2022.

Areas Impacted by the Lincoln Hail Storm

The areas most impacted by this storm are Lincoln, NE and Roca, NE. If you live in the path of this storm and suspect damage schedule a roof inspection, the inspection is free and has no contract or obligations to the homeowner.

What Does Hail Damage Look Like?

In some cases hail damage might not look like a big deal, you might be able to see smaller dents in your shingles or flashing. Over time those dents in the shingles can erode the water tightness of your roof. If you noticed granular bits of shingle in your gutters after this storm it it vital that you get your roof inspected. In the images below, the hail damage can be difficult to spot, in some cases, like on the flashing, it doesn’t stand out to the untrained eye without chalk.

What Parts of Your Home Can Be Damaged by Hail?

Hail can do serious damage to your roof, windows, gutters, and siding. Any part of the exterior of your home that protects your home from the elements can get damaged by hail. Roofs and windows are where we see the most overlooked damage that can become a much larger problem later on. Windows are often overlooked during after storm roof inspections, if you have already had a claim covered by insurance for just your roof, it’s possible that the original inspection missed damage to your windows.

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