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Why Roofing Material Warranties Are Important?

Whether or not your roof is protected with a stellar warranty is important to consider. While warranties are often overlooked by homeowners, they’re one of the most important protections for Omaha roofing systems.

Roof repairs and roof replacements can be pricey, especially compared to other types of home repairs. Unfortunately, your homeowners insurance policy may not always cover the cost of roof repairs, and roof damage claims aren’t always approved. In these instances, a great roof warranty will offer the best financial protection.

Are Roof Warranties A Given?

Many people may be wondering: Isn’t a warranty to be expected for my roof? The answer is yes: just about all roofing systems come with a warranty. But, the question is whether or not that warranty offers enough protection. A substantial warranty will protect your roof for its entire lifespan, which will vary depending on the roofing materials. Unfortunately, the warranty that’s included with many roofing materials may only last for five years, or even less. This won’t cover the duration of your roof’s lifetime, rendering the protection that the warranty offers useless for much of the period before your roof needs to be replaced.

A warranty will provide you with financial protection for damages that occur accidentally. If the materials are defective, for example, due to a mistake during the manufacturing process, a warranty will ensure that you won’t have to pay for any repairs that stem from that defect.

Understanding Material Warranties

As stated above, material warranties provide protection against any damage that occurs because of a manufacturer defect. The elements put significant strain on any roofing system, even those that are incredibly durable. So, if your roofing materials have a manufacturer’s defect, you’ll notice that wear-and-tear occurs more rapidly than it should. Wear-and-tear to your roof can put your entire home at risk for damage. If you notice this issue and have a good roof warranty, you’ll be able to have the roof repaired at no cost to you.

That said, certain factors can void a roof material warranty. Neglecting to maintain your roofing materials, for example, can void the warranty. So, to preserve your warranty coverage, you’ll likely have to provide proof that you regularly maintain your roof.

What About Workmanship Warranties?

While material warranties are the subject of this article, workmanship warranties are also important to roofing systems. A workmanship warranty covers any errors made during the roof installation process on the part of the contractors. Improper installation can lead to a host of problems for your roof, namely premature damage due to poor durability. If an error is made during the installation process, a workmanship warranty will ensure that you don’t have to pay for the repairs that will fix the error.

Why Materials Warranties Are Crucial

Workmanship warranties have a purpose, but present one major risk: if your roofing company goes out of business, the warranty will no longer work for you. A comprehensive material warranty will protect you against this possibility. If you don’t have a workmanship warranty for your roof, a material warranty can cover some of the expense of installation issues.

With that said, the main reason why a material warranty is essential for your roof is this: Your roof is one of the largest financial investments that you make in your home. While you can opt not to paint your walls or renovate your kitchen, you can’t skip out on having a roof installed. The roof is your home’s main line of defense against the elements, and your family relies on it for comfort. So, it makes sense (both practically and financially) to protect it with a dependable roof material warranty. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your roof is protected against multiple types of damage.

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