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Best Tools Roofers Use

These roofing tools come highly recommended by our team, and we think you’ll agree.

Roofing Nail Gun

A reliable nail gun is an essential piece of equipment for any roofer. The roofing nail guns that our guys prefer to use are Bostitch and Makita models. Our roofers use nail guns that are designed specifically for roofing. They load up with magazines of roofing nails that are wound in coils. When purchasing a nail gun for yourself, pay attention to how much it weighs; you don’t want to have to handle an 8-pound nail gun for an entire work shift because it will get uncomfortable.

Ladder Stabilizers

Stabilizers for ladders are designed to attach to the very top or near the top of your ladder; there are models that can lean against the side of your house, as well as ones that can lean on the roof itself. They render ladders significantly safer, particularly in regards to climbing up and down them. Additionally, if you need to work on a window, the stabilizer will balance on the sides of the window, keeping weight off the glass.

There are even some which come equipped with handrails to facilitate climbing up and off of rooftops.

Telescopic Ladders

Fully retracted telescoping ladder used for roof inspections

When doing repairs to roofs, our roofers do not utilize telescoping ladders, but when inspecting the roof, they frequently use them. Because telescoping ladders can be transported easily in any vehicle, they are an excellent choice for swiftly attending to a customer who needs a roof inspection.

Telescoping ladders are the greatest option for individuals who have a restricted amount of space in which to store their tools. Because of their small footprint, these ladders are deceptively robust even when folded up to their smallest size. If you decide to purchase one, be sure to check the weight restrictions.  Before ascending, it is strongly advised that you check and double check all of the latches to make sure they are secure.

Ladder Safety Systems

Systems like this GOAT roof climbing system are easy to set up and make working on your roof much safer

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